Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday's Reviews - a new weekly tradition?

I thought that once a week, I could post a little review of a restaurant/shop/interesting place I've been and spread the word on a few of these lesser-known gems. I also thought Thursdays would be a nice day for this, but that is all subject to change.

Today's post will be about a little teashop/restaurant called Teaism. You can visit its website here:

The website will tell you that Teaism is a critically acclaimed restaurant and teahouse seeking to be an alternative to the "obfuscation, over-formalization, and xenophobia of traditional Asian and English tea houses" while responding to "the corruption of tea, the style above substance and the use of tea bags in American offerings." Now all that seems rather high and mighty but Teaism is quite the opposite. With three locations throughout Washington, DC, the restaurant/teahouse/shop maintains its quaint roots from two women at Dupont Circle. The original location on Dupont Circle is the one I've attended, and the storefront is elegant and simple and inviting.

As a restaurant Teaism has a great selection of Asian-inspired dishes and breakfast foods that will pair perfectly with your tea selection. Some close upstairs seating provides the perfect atmosphere for that delicious meal as well. When Sam and I last went, we treated ourselves to Lentil Soup, Tofu Noodle Salad, and Thai Chicken Curry. For being such a small location, there was tremendous flavor packed into these dishes. And for a great price too! Where one would normally spend $14-15 on a dish like the curry I had, Teaism offered it for merely $9.95.

offers a wide selection of international teas, including what has definitely become my favorite beverage and a staple in my own kitchen: Teaism chai. You can order it inside in a mug to sit or to go, and it's simply exquisite. Or, you can buy your own package of their chai spices and make it at home - with their suggested serving recipe, which is key.

It comes in that beautiful little pouch - mine was a gift from a special someone and has a few little notes taped to it. But for the everyday chai drinker, this would be just as special without. But they certainly don't hurt. The recipe if you're interested:

For 2 Servings:

Boil 2 3/4 cups water, add 3 teaspoons of Teaism organic black chai tea with spices and boil for 5 minutes. Lower the heat and add 3/4 cup milk or soymilk and return to a low boil. Strain through a fine strainer and sweeten to your liking. Serve!

It should be noted that if you let your chai boil for too long, the flavor can become bitter, and if you do not steep it for long enough the flavor will not be that strong, bold flavor that makes chai so delicious.

I hope this review was helpful! And convinced you to check this place out at one of its three locations in the district. Stop by and sit back with a mug of your favorite tea (and check out that dessert menu too!)

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